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Why is fasting so great?

In a world that is driven by consumption, we are constantly bombarded by messages of “more”. More money. More food. More stuff.

More = better = happier. Until it doesn’t.

At some point more = overconsumption = problems. Problems we know about, but find too overwhelming to do anything. More has lead to an unhealthy planet with unhealthy people.

Fasting is less.
Fasting is balance.

At some point more = overconsumption = problems. Problems we know about, but find too overwhelming to do anything. More has lead to an unhealthy planet with unhealthy people.

Ancient, natural, still important.

Fasting is an ancient practice that has survived the test of time. Our bodies are adapted to fast and actually need to fast. Anciently, food wasn’t always available, certainly not on every corner. The human body is designed to feast and then go for stretches without food. It was commonplace.

The human body has evolved with a hybrid engine. When we eat, we burn some energy now and we save some for later. When food is scarce, our bodies run on stored energy. The problem is our modern society teaches us to refuel constantly. But our bodies need space between refueling, and sometimes a longer space then just overnight. It’s during these extended times of not eating that we burn off energy and use up our excess fat stores. This happens in the fasted state.

Great things happen when we enter the fasted state. Human Growth Hormone, adrenaline, mental focus and energy all increase. After a couple days autophagy kicks in and our bodies being a truly natural cleaning process, discarding damaged cells and old proteins. Scientists are actively studying the connection between fasting and the potential benefits for fighting cancer, Alzheimers, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, and other chronic or acute diseases.

All of these benefits of fasting go way when we eat too frequently and never give our bodies a chance to naturally cycle the way they are supposed to.

Newsflash: fasting is hard

Fastwell was started by a group of people who are passionate about fasting. We have experienced its life changing effects — physically, mentally and spiritually. We love fasting. But it was kind of a love-hate relationship, honestly. Fasting is just plain hard. Many things (maybe all things) that are good for our health and the planet are hard.

Doing something hard is easier with the right tools.

Exercise can be hard, especially without the right gear. Eating raw veggies can be tough, but a dab of dressing can make it more enjoyable and still productive! Many who fast for health use techniques to make fasting easier. But the options aren’t great. There’s bone broth, licking salt, and dozens of other hacks. We started with a scientific understanding of the biological mechanics that make fasting work. Then we tested and tried different solutions that keep us in the fasted state. Finally we made them enjoyable, convenient and affordable! In essence, we created products we ourselves would use to make fasting better.

Our goal is to help more people discover and enjoy the benefits of fasting.

Fasting could be for just about anyone. Could you imagine if everyone adopted the practice of fasting? Imagine what that would to reduce consumption, hone mental discipline, ease the strain of the environment and even shrink waistlines. We hope this global fasting trend continues.

Interested in using Fastwell products?
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– You’re new to fasting and find it a bit daunting –
– You want the benefits but are concerned about the risks –
– You want fasting to be a more enjoyable experience. –

We’re on a journey to make the world more healthy. We hope you’ll join us.

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