How to Deal With Hunger While Fasting

May 25, 2020 | By Fastwell | Fasting

Hi Bruce for Fastwell here.

People have asked “When you fast – don’t you get hungry?”  Well certainly you can get hungry when you fast, but you don’t have to stay hungry.  When you fast your body goes into a state of Ketosis. How do you keep fasting when those hunger pangs happen?  That’s why we have Fastwell products.

We have “Curb” – this product is designed to help curb your appetite. It’s got light protein and some healthy fats.  Mix together, shake it up in water, and drink this when you’re feeling like your resolve is starting to waver a little on your fast.  We have an electrolyte drink – this drink is great in water and basically gives you a boost of electrolytes when you might be feeling a little dizzy and maybe get a slight headache.  We also have “Boost” – this pre-workout drink is great when you determine to do some working out while you’re fasting.  It gives you extra power and endurance to get through your workout and feel strong afterward.

These products are designed to optimize your experience when you’re fast.  We like to say “Fast happy, not hangry!”

That’s Fastwell – I encourage you to try them today.  I’ve had great success with them.

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