How to Fast Safely

May 25, 2020 | By Fastwell | Fasting

Hi Bruce here for Fastwell products.

I’m excited to talk to a little bit about Fastwell – I’ve had great experiences with it in my whole life and I think you will too.  People have asked – “How can I fast safely?”  When you’re fast, really from my experience, you want to kind of clear your calendar.  You want to make sure that you don’t have a busy agenda full of lots of things.  You want to take time to be mindful and to relax.

Fastwell is designed to help you fast and be successful at it.  We have this great product called “Curb” that comes in vanilla and chocolate.  It shakes up in water. It’s a really smooth clean taste and its got a little bit of protein, healthy fats, and it helps curb your appetite.  We also have this electrolyte powder called “Sustain,”  It’s an orange flavor, tastes great with water and helps balance out of your electrolytes so that when you fast you don’t get the headache or the dizzy feeling or feeling like you’re just gonna not make it.  Electrolytes are great to add in to your fast and they keep you in the fasting state.  Finally we have this product called “Boost” – it’s a pre-workout drink that has a berry flavor and mixes quickly in water. I like to take it before I do some type of activity when I’m fasting and again it just helps make the fast a positive experience.

Fastwell products are designed to help us fast happy and not hangry!

I encourage you to try them today.

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