Intermittent Fasting by the Hour – Infographic

July 29, 2020 | By | Fasting

Infographic of fasting by the hour

Fasting is tough and it takes a lot of mental strength to get through the hunger periods. However, the benefits make fasting worth it. The infographic gives you an idea of what is happening in your body during a fast and how you might expect to feel. If you would rather just get straight to the text, read below. Also, feel free to share our infographic, which can be downloaded here. Fast happy!

First Three Hours

During the anabolic or growth period, your body is still working on metabolizing or storing the carbs, protein, and fat into nutrients you’ll use later. Right after your meal, your brain will signal to you that you’re full. After three hours (depending on what you ate before your fast), your glucose and insulin levels will return to pre-meal levels.

Four to 24 Hours

Your body has switched to the catabolic or breakdown state, where nutrients are being put to use. Between hours 12 and 24, your glucose stores will be depleted and your body will switch to fat for energy as ketosis begins. You might become distracted by waves of hunger and find it difficult to focus on much of anything else, and the first night of sleep might be a little rough, but your energy will start to gradually return.

24 to 72 hours

Within 24 to 72 hours, your BHB levels will rise and ketones will become your primary fuel source. Because your body isn’t getting instant energy from glucose, you might notice that you’re moving a little slower or feeling somewhat lightheaded from low blood pressure. By this point, autophagy has begun, and your body is cleaning out unhealthy cells.

72 Hours and Beyond

You’re through the hard part now! You’ll start to feel less hungry and more energetic now. Your overall ghrelin output is lower, so your overall hunger level will decrease. As you get into the habit of intermittent fasting, your body will use energy more efficiently and make you healthier and happier.

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