Keeping our Essential Workers Nourished!

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Amidst this global pandemic many of us find ourselves in one of two categories… ordered to stay home or working the “front lines” in healthcare or public works to keep the masses healthy and in order.

We all have plenty of close friends working in the hospitals & other jobs considered essential right now, working working long hours and hardly getting a break to recharge.  Naturally, many are skipping meals and running on empty during their shifts.

In theory, we would be taking care of ourselves so that we can take care of others, but in reality – it’s very easy to put our individuals needs last.

At Fastwell, we want to do something to support the hard working men and women fighting to saves lives and provide services to get America through a global pandemic.

Use SuperHero20 for 20% off Fastwell Products for our essential workers

(aka superheros). 

Make sure you try Fastwell Curb Wellness Shake!  This delicious, easy to drink shake was created to curb hunger and fuel the body with high quality ingredients and healthy fats.  It’s easy, just mix with water and it can help fuel frontline workers during their long days with minimal breaks to have a balanced healthy meal.  Chances are you’re running a fasted state.  So, this is a perfect option to keep you going through your shift and keep your health and energy in check.

Curb is packed with healthy fats!  Eating healthy fats comes with plenty of benefits our frontline could use from right now:

  • energy
  • hormone production
  • nutrient absorption
  • cell growth
  • …and more

Curb is easy to use!! When you need to sustain your hunger for an extended period of time simply mix the powder with water.  Enjoy the sake and continue on, literally, saving the world.

Bonus: Pair Fastwell Curb with Fastwell Sustain Premium Electrolytes for necessary micronutrients to keep your body hydrated during these stressful times.  Electrolytes are important to keep your body functioning on a cellular level and can help boost your immune system.

Thank you from our whole team, for all the hard work everyone is contributing in this time of uncertainty!

Questions?  Send us a note or join our support group!

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