Pre-Workout Drink

Pre-workout while intermittent fasting. Boost workout performance, preserve lean muscle mass.


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Fasting can increase adrenaline and spur production of human growth hormone. Designed specifically to keep you in a fasting state, Boost helps you perform optimally during your workout. Drink Boost 30-60 mins before starting your routine for more energy and power during your workout and the nutrients your body needs to support recovery.

– Contains BCAAs and all-natural caffeine sources*
– Contains guayusa and guarana seed extract for enhanced energy and clarity
– Sweetened with all-natural, low carb Lo Han Guo (monk fruit)

*All-natural caffeine from yerba mate and organic green tea.

How to use
Stir two scoops of Boost into 8-10 ounces of cold water once a day while fasting to improve your workout and speed recovery while staying in a fasting state.

Pro Fasting Tip
Use the Boost pre-workout drink up to 1-hour before or during exercise to deliver the energy and protein your muscles need for fasted-state workout.

All natural ingredients. No artificial flavors or colors. No sugar.

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