Wellness Shake

Curb hunger while fasting and when cravings become distracting.

Available in Chocolate Macadamia and Madagascar Vanilla



Curb contains the optimal level of high fat and moderate protein to cut cravings while keeping you in a fasting state. Curb is made up of healthy low-saturated fats and omega-3s as well as a rich-tasting proprietary blend of whey protein that digests gradually so it can keep you satiated longer while also preserving lean muscle mass.

– Contains the optimum level of macronutrients
– Made with a rich-tasting proprietary blend of whey protein
– Low-saturated healthy fat and Omega-3’s

*Curb is sweetened with all-natural, low carb Lo Han Guo (monk fruit).

How to use
Stir one to two scoops of Curb into 16-20 ounces of cold water once or twice a day while fasting to cut cravings and keep enjoying the benefits of fasting.

Pro Fasting Tip
For daily fasts (16-20 hours) Use Curb one time towards the beginning of the fasting window, when cravings are strongest, or when your co-workers decide to bring donuts to work. For full-day or multi-day fasts use Curb when hunger pangs are strongest or most distracting, especially at the beginning of a fast or certain times of the day. Limit to one or two servings per day for the best results. Use Curb at the end of a fast to help transition back into eating.

All-natural ingredients. No artificial flavors or colors. No sugar.

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