Basic Fasting Bundle

Fast Happy with the Fasting Bundle.

Curb your hunger when cravings become distracting.

Sustain your micronutrient balance while in the fasted state.

Boost workout performance, preserve lean muscle mass.

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Fastwell Fasting Bundle

This bundle is a great kit to get started on your fasting journey.  Bundle and save!


Curb contains the optimal level of high fat and moderate protein to cut cravings while keeping you in a fasting state. Curb is made up of healthy low-saturated fats and omega-3s as well as a rich-tasting proprietary blend of whey protein that digests gradually so it can keep you satiated longer while also preserving lean muscle mass.

– Contains the optimum level of macronutrients
– Made with a rich-tasting proprietary blend of whey protein
– Low-saturated healthy fat and Omega-3’s

*Curb is sweetened with all-natural, low carb Lo Han Guo (monk fruit).

How to use
Stir one to two scoops of Curb into 16-20 ounces of cold water once or twice a day while fasting to cut cravings and keep enjoying the benefits of fasting.

Pro Fasting Tip
For daily fasts (16-20 hours) Use Curb one time towards the beginning of the fasting window, when cravings are strongest, or when your co-workers decide to bring donuts to work. For full-day or multi-day fasts use Curb when hunger pangs are strongest or most distracting, especially at the beginning of a fast or certain times of day. Limit to one or two servings per day for best results. Use Curb at the end of a fast to help transition back into eating.


This tangy, refreshing drink with just a hint of saltiness breaks the monotony of water and delivers the optimal level of electrolytes for fasting. The premium electrolyte blend includes an optimal balance of RealSalt* (sodium), magnesium and potassium. Sustain is sweetened with all-natural, low-carb Lo Han Guo (monk fruit) to minimize insulin response and keep you in ketosis.

– Sustains micronutrients and prevents fasting headaches
– Contains high-quality sodium and magnesium
– 5 calories per serving; less than 1 gram of carbs

*Harvested in Redmond Utah, RealSalt is ancient, unrefined sea salt and contains 60+ beneficial trace minerals.

How to use
Stir one scoop of Sustain into 8-10 ounces of cold water once or twice a day while fasting to improve your experience and keep in the fasted state.

Pro Fasting Tip
Drink plenty of water during fasting, then use the electrolyte drink to maximize hydration and for its enjoyable change of pace from water.


Fasting can increase adrenaline and spur production of human growth hormone. Designed specifically to keep you in a fasting state, Boost helps you perform optimally during your workout. Drink Boost 30-60 mins before starting your routine for more energy and power during your workout and the nutrients your body needs to support recovery.

– Contains BCAAs and all-natural caffeine sources*
– Contains guayusa and guarana seed extract for enhanced energy and clarity
– Sweetened with all-natural, low carb Lo Han Guo (monk fruit)

*All-natural caffeine from yerba mate and organic green tea.

How to use
Stir two scoops of Boost into 8-10 ounces of cold water once a day while fasting to improve your workout and speed recovery while staying in a fasting state.

Pro Fasting Tip
Use the Boost pre-workout drink up to 1-hour before or during exercise to deliver the energy and protein your muscles need for a fasted-state workout.

All products have all-natural ingredients. No artificial flavors or colors. No sugar.


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Basic Fasting Bundle
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